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PowerPoint Slides
GCA Criminal Justice Website

The PowerPoint Slides presented during the class lectures are available for downloading here.  These slides are also available in the Textbook Companion Website.  Only a selected number of slides will be shown and discussed.  More details are made available in the other slides and, more importantly, in our textbook.  You should refer to these when necessary.
To download the PP Slide packet, simply "right-click" your mouse after you have placed the cursur on the specific Chapter link, and choose the option "Save Target As..." among those listed in the drop-down menu.  Then, proceed saving this file in your hard drive or CD-ROM drive.  An empty floppy disk may not have the necessary space to contain each packet.  The PP Slide packet is in ZIP format.  You will have to "unzip" this in order to view the individual slides.  Application programs like WinZip can be used for this purpose.

Chapter 6 - Police Management

Chapter 7 - Policing: Legal Aspects

Chapter 8 - The Courts

Chapter 9 - The Courtroom Work Group & Criminal Trial

Chapter 10 - Sentencing

Chapter 11 - Probation, Parole and Community Corrections

Chapter 12 - Prisons and Jails

Chapter 13 - Prison Life