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Class Assignment
GCA Criminal Justice Website

On this page I'll include all the information students need for their course assignments, such as due dates and guidelines.

This Week's Assignment

Read Chapter 11: Probation, Parole and Community Corrections

Frank Schmalleger, CRIMINAL JUSTICE TODAY. Seventh Edition.



Paper Option 1

 Use the Cybrary ( at http://www.cybrary,info)  to locate a detailed description of TWO state court systems, one of which is the court system in your home state.  (This is found in the COURTS link).  Describe the various courts that comprise the system, the staff roles, and the administrative agencies (e.g. the administrative office of state court(s).  Outline the functions of each.

Paper Option 2

Visit the Northwestern University Supreme Court Project and check and select FOUR cases being reviewed by the Highest Court for 2002-2003.  You can find this in the On The Docket   Section of the website at  Briefly summarize and discuss these cases, indicate if these are now Judicial Precedents, and show how these have any relevance to criminal justice issues we talked about in our course.

Paper Option 3

 Summarize and discuss the main findings of ONE of these recent reports.  In order to view these reports on Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or 5.1, you first have to download these in your hard drive by "right-clicking" your mouse and highlighting "Save Target As.." (the same procedure when you download the PowerPoint slide paks).  Include your views and opinions about the issue that you have selected.


Capital Punishment 2001

Probation and Parole in the US 2001



The paper must be at least six pages in length, excluding the bibliography page(s), tables and charts.  DO NOT copy portions or sections of the website materials and incorporate these as part of your paper.  If you need to do a direct quote or cite particular sections/portions from your sources, indent the quote/section(s), use single-space line format, and specify the web document page where you got this from.  Use the proper bibliographical citation format when citing references.  DO NOT use our textbook as one of your reference sources.  Feel free to use other publications as your references.  When citing any Web reference in your paper, use the guidelines specified by the handout provided in class.  If you are citing from a published source, use the standard referencing format, i.e. author, title of publication, publisher, date, and page(s).  This paper is due on April 16, 2003.  Papers submitted after this date or sent as e-mail attachments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.